Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources policy relies on five basic pillars:  

  • » Equality,   
  • » Participative Management and Transparency,  
  • » Continuous Improvement in Working Conditions,  
  • » Productivity / Performance-Based Remuneration,   
  • » Respect for Human Rights.  

Within the framework of this understanding, our basic human resources policies are as follows; 

  • » To develop and implement contemporary Human Resources Systems in line with our values, which will support our corporate goals and strategies,  
  • » To develop a participatory Human Resources Policy in collaboration with all functions, * » To make our Human Resources a strategic partner, as a "value" that has to be maintained and developed,  
  • » To ensure that the most suitable and qualified applicants are employed for the position by properly identifying and analysing the need for essential human resources through the scientific methods, 
  • » To ensure the performance development of the employee by integrating the individual goals with the corporate goals, to reward them financially and spiritually by encouraging them for horizontal and vertical growth,   
  • » As a continuation of our traditional culture, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, language, religion, color, gender, political opinion and philosophical belief in recruiting our employees,  
  • » To adopt and orient the organizational transformation and development,  
  • » To create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and to ensure the continuity of this understanding across the organization, 
  • » To protect the social and legal rights of our employees,  
  • » To identify the weaknesses of our employees, to provide them with various opportunities and benefits allowing them to improve their weaknesses, to reward our employees with outstanding achievements and to direct them towards continuous (increasing) success.